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9 Line Medevac Powerpoint

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9 line medevac powerpoint. Do you want to know 9 line medevac powerpoint? Then just follow the links in this post. 9 line medevac powerpoint will search Course team.

9 Line Medevac Powerpoint
Table Of Content:

1. request medical evacuation

Line 7 - Method of marking pickup site. Line 8 - Patient nationality and status. Line 9 - CBRN contamination. MEDEVAC FORMAT. TSP 081-T-0101-2.

2. Request Medical Evacuation Scenario


3. Skill Card: 9-Line MEDEVAC and MIST Preparation

Skill Card: 9-Line MEDEVAC and MIST PreparationJun 26, 2020 ... It includes a step-by-step instruction on the 9-Line Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) and MIST (M – Mechanism of injury, I – Type of Injury, ...

4. 9 Line MEDEVAC Instructor: SSG Rosales - ppt download

9 Line MEDEVAC Instructor: SSG Rosales - ppt download3 PURPOSE Familiarize soldier on 9 Line MEDEVAC format. Train soldier on requesting medical evacuation. The purpose of this class is to train and reinforce the ...

5. 9 Line Medevac: How To Call It and 2 Real World Example Scenarios

9 Line Medevac: How To Call It and 2 Real World Example ScenariosFeb 27, 2021 ... A 9 Line Medevac is a standard collection of codes that every Marine, military officer, helicopter and medical personnel (everyone at the Shock ...

6. 9 line medevac request: Fill out & sign online | DocHub

The easiest way to edit 9 line medevac in PDF format online. Handling paperwork with our feature-rich and user-friendly PDF editor is simple.

7. Nine Line Medevac - What Is Nine Line? – Nine Line Apparel

Nine Line Medevac - What Is Nine Line? – Nine Line ApparelSep 30, 2014 ... This is why we are Nine Line: 9 Line is a military term that Medevacs use for calling in a combat injury. Because it is such a stressful and ...

8. atp 4-02.13 casualty evacuation

atp 4-02.13 casualty evacuationJun 30, 2021 ... Conduct tactical convoy. ○. Transmit a 9-line MEDEVAC request. 1-39. Training and rehearsing the manual and litter ...


7. Method of Marking Pickup Site. 8. Patient Nationality and Status. 9. NBC Contamination (Wartime). 9. Terrain Description (Peacetime) ...

10. Appendix J – 9-LINE MEDEVAC REQUEST - Request Medical ...

Appendix J – 9-LINE MEDEVAC REQUEST. Request Medical Evacuation. 081-831-0101. Conditions: Given a casualty requiring medical evacuation and a patient ...

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